As the press agency “Olvia-press” has already informed, the US Ambassador in Moldova Pamela Hyde Smith had found out that in 1991, in the territory of Dniestria there had been held a referendum on independence of the Dniester Moldavian Republic. Nevertheless, having learnt the DMR history, Ms. Smith send a written answer to the agency “Olvia-press” request, where she expressed her doubts that the referendum had been held in conformity with all necessary international rules, and should be recognized by the world community.

At the same time, in the Dniester Moldavian Republic, it’s supposed that the given action had been held with respect of all conditions; as documents and protocols testify, it was transparent, and the world community should consider opinion expressed by majority of the Dniestrian population at the referendum. 

As the DMR Central electoral commission chairman Piotr Denisenko affirmed during a conversation with a correspondent of the press agency “Olvia-press”,  “we have been founding our state, being hot-hearted, clear minds, and clean minds. We have never tried to bewilder anyone, that’s why all documents concerning elections and referendums whenever held in the DMR territory are stored in archives, and may be presented to any observer who would like to study them”.

Piotr Denisenlo emphasized that protocols, available in the folder, as well as signatures of observers testify that the referendum on the DMR independence had really taken place, having been held with respect of all international rules.

“372 thousand 27 people took part in the referendum. Among them, 363 thousand 647 people voted for independence of the Dniester Moldavian Republic. In the folder, there are protocols of all territorial electoral commissions, where results of the referendum in territories are input”.

Concerning the topic of presence of international observers at the referendum of 1991, Piotr Denisenko, informed that observers had been invited there, including the US Embassy in Moldova.But representatives of Saint-Petersburg city council were the only ones who accepted the invitation of Dniestrians. At a whole of the referendum, they gave the next conclusion: “Generally, the passed referendum on the DMR independence was a real will-expression of the DMR population”.

The DMR CEC Chairman expressed opinion that the reason why Pamela Smith had doubted legality of the referendum, was “unwillingness to have objective approach to what had happened in the former Moldavian SSR. Dniestrians made their choice because they did not want and could not live in a state, where hatred towards and national segregation had been cultivated”. At the same time Piotr Denisenko declared that the DMR CEC was ready to hold a repeated referendum if necessary, and with respect of all international norms as it had already been in 1991.